Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Guys In Ties #4, The Opposition

24x18" oil on canvas, SOLD

In between the small daily paintings, I've been working on a few larger pieces. I've been lucky enough to have several commissioned pieces lately and a couple hanging in shows right now. This fellow is from The Guys In Ties series and is hanging over my fireplace until he gets a new home. I kind of hope he stays through the holidays. I love his wacky expression and the colors are so brilliant!


Mike said...

Brenda . . . I have just spent nearly 30 minutes inspecting every inch of your blog and paintings. I look every day at different artists blog, being an art blogger myself. Your work is showing ASTOUNDING GROWTH since your began the painting a day process! And your work is simply extraordinary. If you don't mind, I would like to not only link you in my own blog, but feature you and your work in a post. Let me know if you object to either.

You are an amazingly talented painter!!!!!


Brenda York said...

Wow. Thanks for your kind words, Mike! I really appreciate hearing from other artists.