Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Long Way Home

10x8" oil on canvas, sold
on exhibit at The San Diego Art Institute until July 12

Those of you that are regular readers here know that I’ve been doing a fair amount of whining about my son, Zac, who is spending this semester in Italy. Actually, I’m pretty thrilled for him….really. No, really. It’s just that it’s so far away. I realized that all my angst manifests itself in my daily paintings (well, duh.) They are a visual journal of my life in a way ie: all those birds flying away. Pretty obvious, right? What might not be so obvious is the writing and symbols in the background of the paintings. I always scratch in words and little pictographs as the finishing touch on each piece. And I almost always include the lyrics from the music I’m listening to as I am painting. Anyone want to guess what I was listening to today? It’s all right there in the background…

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