Wednesday, March 18, 2009

P. B. Mama And Sama Sama

20x24" oil on canvas, SOLD

Have I mentioned that I do commissions? (Only a few times, right?) I’m actually surprised that I do, indeed, paint commissions and have grown to really enjoy the process. After so many years of working in design and illustration and constantly trying to be inspired while under the thumb of clients, I was sure I would never accept commissions. And then I realized that the folks that ask me to paint them or their family, already like my style so the rest is easy. Like this painting. Alyssa and Ken wanted me to paint their family; Mom, Dad, kids and the family cats. So I collected photos, quirky details, nick names, and some very funny and personal information that all ended up in the final pieces. I have to admit that painting this sweet little family was so much fun and the real reward was when Alyssa actually squealed when she saw the final paintings. In all my years of design, I never had a client squeal! To see all four of the paintings I did of Alyssa and Ken’s family, check out the commission portfolio on my website. And if you would like to consider a commissioned painting, I’d be happy to email my current price list.

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