Tuesday, July 28, 2009


8x6 oil on canvas, SOLD

Last week I was invited to speak about my art at a Jewish retirement community. I thoroughly enjoyed my time with these lovely folks and would've gladly adopted several of them as additions to my own family. But one guy in particular, Hymie, was introduced as the house flirt. I have to admit he was a charmer. We chatted for quite a while about his son, his 4 year old granddaughter (that can hold a conversation with any adult) and his home that he left in Pennsylvania. He misses his home and he doesn't really like kosher food (would love a piece of bacon). When I asked him if he gets out of the home often he said, "Honey I'd go over the wall with you!" Oy! Made my day...


Don Coker said...

Brenda, I just discovered your work. It's wonderful! Very original and beautiful.


Brenda York said...

Thanks, Don! I just spent some time looking at yours, too and love it!