Monday, August 17, 2009

Sweet Tart

10x8" oil on canvas, SOLD

When I was a kid one of my favorite candies was Sweet Tarts. Just thinking about it makes my jaws tingle. I loved the contrast of the sweet fruitiness and the biting, acidic sour taste. Almost painful to eat a whole package. But eat them, I did. Knowing that my tongue would be raw for days afterward did not stop me. Kind of a metaphor for life, I guess. Sweet and sour--hard to appreciate one without the other. And so I try to apply this thinking to the next phase of this wacky life journey--one kid just left for his last year of college (we hope) and his younger sister practically has one foot out the door already. She can't wait for her turn at leaving for college. And that's what this painting is about: the sweetness of having your own space again and the absolute blue funk of dropping off your "baby" at school six hours away. Sweet and sour. Shadows and light. You need one to fully appreciate the other.

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