Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Walk Dogger

8x8" oil on canvas, SOLD

Wondering about that title? Well, this is a thing my daughter and I do almost on a daily basis: backward talkin'. We don't even have to try. It just comes naturally and is always a bizarre surprise. I love the weird word tangles our brains come up with. It is especially entertaining when we screw up names. Like our friends Greer and Jim? Imagine the looks we get when we call them Jeer and Grim. And we do. It's just one of our many unsung talents. Good thing we understand each other...

1 comment:

Maite said...

maybe that's why "Benda" didn't look quite that odd to you. :)

Fun game. I wish my brain could extend to those limits. I'm laughing here by myself trying to make some up.