Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Breakfast Bird

16x12" oil on canvas | SOLD

I think I must have birds on my mind lately. (Almost said birds on "the brain" but that would be giving away a little too much.) A family of tiny birds moved into a birdhouse that has been empty in my backyard for years. Suddenly so much hub bub! Three babies squawking all day and the mom on over-drive delivering fat caterpillars as fast as she could to those little ingrates. Exhausting! I have been eating my lunch on the patio so I could watch the show and I think the mom was OK with having an audience. In fact, I think toward the end she was showing off just a tad. My daughter and I watched in awe as the mom-bird attempted to deliver a stick bug that was as big as her. It took a fair amount of creativity and persistence but in the end those babies were really quiet for most of four minutes. Maybe four and a half. And then the inevitable. They packed up and moved away in the middle of the night. And the next day my daughter received her Freshman year dorm room assignment. I know these two events may not seem at all connected but to me it felt just a bit like a smack on the head by the Empty Nest gods.

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Maite said...

I love this post and this painting. aw friend, I will be here filling your nest. You can cook for me! I'll let you! :) even if it is stick bugs

Jaime Baiao said...