Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Whatchamacallit (An Unnamed Painting)

12x30" oil on canvas  

This feels sorta like that nightmare of going to school in your underwear...putting out a painting without a name. Something I never, ever do. Definitely feels like my slip is showing. But I have a good reason: I photographed every stage of making this painting and have posted it on my blog. Just click on the Work In Progress tab and there you will find all my secrets revealed. This painting along with 15 other new pieces will be included in my solo show, Long Story Short, at the San Diego Art Institute this July. And I promise they will all have names by then. For now, take a little peek at the underpinnings of my paintings.


Chris Beck said...

"Up in Flames" was my first reaction!! Don't know if you want to hear suggestions or not, but there you have it!! ;-D

Bronle said...

Another Mouse-Bug, and on a unicycle! Yay! She looks so protective of him... It's a good game trying to make up the story!

Good luck with the name, I'm sure it will be just right when the inspiration (or the hard work!) pay off.

SKIZO said...


Brenda York said...

Yes! Chris, Thanks for the suggestion--I need all the help I can get with naming these guys! Thanks to both of you for stopping by!

Maite said...

I kinda like "whatchamacallit" why can't it be that?
Loving the new long/skinny format.