Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Guys In Ties #4, The Opposition

24x18" oil on canvas, SOLD, prints available 

Out Of The Vault: a few of my favorites  

First posted in November 2007: This painting hangs in the home of two of my favorite collectors, Kurt and Dana. I first met Dana at ArtWalk in 2008 and she was immediately drawn to this piece but couldn't really figure out why. She took it home and her handsome husband, Kurt, knew right away what the attraction was: the painting is a Kurt-look-alike. Well, except for the tie--never seen Kurt wear one and doesn't seem like that's his style. But everything else is spot-on. Dana and Kurt have collected a few more of my paintings but what I really love about these two is that they always show up. Every exhibit, open studio and ArtWalk I know they will make an appearance. And Dana can quote my blog postings verbatim so I sure hope I got this right 'cause I know for a fact that Dana is taking notes! Thanks you two!

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