Thursday, May 5, 2011

Bernie Is A Free Range Bird

10x8" oil on canvas + collage, SOLD

OK, I promised the seven weirdest questions I was asked at ArtWalk. So here we go (in order of wierdness):

1. "Are these coasters?", pointing to my 6x6" original oil paintings on canvas.

2. "Did you ever consider painting chameleons?", standing in my booth surrounded by 55 paintings of people.

3. "So you did a lot of psychedelics in the 60's, did ya?". No comment.

4. "Do you come up with these people in your nightmares?" Nope. I hang around with these folks everyday--wide awake. Scary stuff.

5. "Did you actually go to school to learn how to do this?", (look of disbelief and confusion on face). Uhhh....yeah.

6. "Didn't I see your work in _________(insert various galleries, European art destinations, magazines, friend's bathroom walls, etc)? Yes! I think you did.

7. "How do you come up with your names?" Not such a weird question but definitely one of the most frequent questions (right after "What were you thinking?"). The answer to this and many others can be found under the FAQ tab at the top of the page on my blog.

So now I'm wondering: what's your weird question? All askers will remain anonymous. 

By the way, this painting and 24 other small format pieces are available now in my online store. Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

Are Paul Klee's portraits a major inspiration for you?

claire christinel said...

The question posed before my comment is the only valid question in this post. I am shocked at the rude and insensitive nature of some people. I hope you took it with a grain of salt. I love your colour palette, your endless creativity, and the often humourous quirky touches that you incorporate. In short you are very inspiring!

Linda McCoy said...

#1 Is that the price or an inventory control number?

Overheard at the same outdoor fair:
"Her grapes are too grapey"
"Uncle George paints like this"

Brenda York said...

Hmmm. I do love Klee's work but I wouldn't say he's a major inspiration. More inspired by people less well known: Joe Sorren, Jesse Reno, Squeak Carnwath, Nicholas Wilton to name a few...

Claire and Linda-we should keep a running list of the stupidest--I mean the most uninformed art fair questions/comments. Sheesh! "...grapes too grapey" Love it!