Wednesday, August 3, 2011


6x8" oil on canvas, SOLD 

This painting was done for a friend to give as a birthday gift to her friend who was rounding the corner on 50. Kind of a fun birthday gift, me thinks. By 50, we're all trying to get rid of the stuff in our lives that is meaningless and acquire only those things that are necessary...or make you smile. I count art as necessary and even more so if it promotes a little joy in my bubble.

Curious about commissioning a birthday painting? Here's my spiel: Yes! I love painting commissioned pieces--as long as you don't really expect that it will look like you or your family. What I mean is that the good folks that have hired me to do paintings of their family fully expect my wacky version of their family. And they're OK with that. Really. I’ll collect a few interesting details and lots of photos. I then rearrange the facial structure while maintaining the essence and personality of the subject. And I always find a way to interject some humor and whimsy! So yes, I do commissions but, no, it won't look a thing like you! Whew! That's a relief, huh?

Shoot me an email if you'd like to receive my commission price list.

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