Monday, October 17, 2011

Urban Bürdman

6x12" acrylic and mixed media on paper, SOLD   

Here's something that gave me a chuckle this morning: I have this service on my blog called Statcounter. It's something like Google Analytics. Anyway, once a week I get a report on the visitors to my blog--where they came from, if they clicked through from another website, what paintings they look at, etc. All very intriguing while you're trying to sort out if this blogging business has any real value or if you're just stroking your own tiny little artist ego. 

Anyway, I digress--one of the most interesting and entertaining bits of info from Statcounter is a list of "Search Terms" that folks, who have landed on my blog (either by intent or by accident), have typed into the various search engines. I give you today's list:
  • Brenda York paintings
  • paintings going long ways
  • akimbo
  • creepy painting
  • guy in chair with alien head painting abstract (Seriously? You can't make this stuff up!)
So for the person who actually typed in that last Search Term...I present Urban Bürdman: trust me, he is sitting on a chair. And definitely has the alien head thing going on. Painting-check. Abstract-check. Just tell me where I should ship him!

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