Monday, November 5, 2012

Moonchild In The Boneyard

12x12" | oil on canvas | SOLD
One of the more tedious aspects of the "Year From Hell" has been the fact that I moved. Not necessarily the "Move From Hell"--no, I actually like my new home. It's just... all the stuff. Moving 18 years of stuff was enough to make me consider becoming a zen monk. Seriously, I've been carrying around waaaay too much stuff. 
So, in honor of my new "monk-ish" outlook on life I'm having a SALE! Yep, probably the only time I'll ever do this--(it's considered "not cool" for artists to put sale prices on their paintings). But ya know what? I'd rather my art be hanging on your walls than stacked in my studio. So for just a little while a few choice paintings are on sale--really, really On Sale.

You can find them all in my online store. Hope there's one or two that would look better on your wall than in my little monastery!

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Kitchen worktops guy said...

I love the darkness of this - the tone of the red there makes it very impactful.