Thursday, December 5, 2013

A Spot Of Bother In The Garden

On The Second Day of Christmas...

A Spot Of Bother In The Garden| 14x11" | giclée on canvas
regular price $325 | studio sale $250

This is quite possibly the painting I get the most inquiries about. Long ago sold, but available as an artist enhanced giclée print on canvas. In a very limited edition. I hand embellish each one with paint, adding brushstrokes and texture to the surface. It's the next best thing to the original painting. And very affordable.

Here's what I wrote about this piece when I first painted it and it bears repeating: "My early education was mostly dictated by the nuns. Actually, the Sisters of Charity, God love 'em. And, as a result of said education, I had a lot of questions as a kid. Still do. There's some mystery surrounding the whole situation with Adam and Eve and the snakey guy with the apple. It could've all been so different....Like why did Eve get all the blame? Couldn't Adam show a little chutzpah and think it through first? I mean it was an apple...come on! Some of these themes show up in my work all these years later. I'm still working it out. But I like exploring some of the more bizarre concepts that were passed off as fact and truth to the little reverent Catholic kids who were actually just scared out of their bloomers. So thanks to the Sisters (of Charity) for giving me plenty of material to work with."

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