Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Ralph, Archangel Of Promises You Didn't Keep

8x8" | acrylic, collage, graphite on canvas | $175 available here

Yep, it’s definitely been a while since you’ve heard from me…life just gets in the way sometimes! But, ta-da! Here I am. And I have a new series of small paintings that I’m excited to introduce here, on my blog, first. 

And, believe me, I understand if you don’t want yet another email in your inbox—I get it! So if you prefer, you can follow along on Instagram (@brendayorkart) where you will see the same paintings (maybe a couple of days later) and more photos about my process. 

So if you need to unsubscribe you won’t hurt my feelings (really) but I do hope you’ll come hang out with me on Instagram!

My new series is called “Saints & Sinners. The Dirty Little Secrets.” If you have followed along on my blog, you know that I spent many (tortured) years in Catholic school as a kid. And one of the most fascinating parts of my Catholic education was learning about all the saints and angels. And the saints and angels that took a wrong turn and became sinners (my favorites). So I thought it might be a fun and informative project to propose a few of my own Saints. And a bunch of those crafty Sinners!

Feel free to submit your favorite Saints & Sinners ideas. Who knows? They might all end up in a fine coffee table book at the end of the project. Oh wait, there was already a book written about all those S&S, right? Well, that one doesn’t have the pretty pictures!

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