Sunday, April 8, 2007

"Cat Bird"

6"x 8" oil on canvas, SOLD

Sometimes I have no idea where inspiration will come from and this is a perfect example. A little bizarre; a bit quirky but there is a connection to my life. I'm not really a cat person but I do think they are funny (a secret I keep to myself). There has been a very sick cat in our family lately. He belongs to Christina (my S'daughter--"stepdaughter" but we don't like the connotation. I'm her S'mom. She and her brother are my S'kids.). Although her cat, Casey, has been the on the receiving end of many crude jokes due to his persistent weight problem, I have felt a certain sadness about his recent medical issues. And I definitely commiserate with Christina's concern for her beloved pet. So I think this painting could also be titled "Casey On My Mind". Literally.

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