Thursday, April 19, 2007


8"x 6" oil on canvas, SOLD

I never really considered myself a "dog person" until two rescue dogs became card carrying members of our family in the past six years. Amazingly, both Petey and Nellie (pictured here) somehow knew they had a purpose in this family beyond eating, napping and pooping. Petey was my son's constant companion while he was battling cancer and a great source of entertainment and distraction during that dreary time for our family. Nellie joined us a couple of years later having been rescued twice. We think she ran away from the circus...definitely the clown. It's unbelievable that we have two dogs but even more improbable that we would have a "phoofy" dog. We're just not the phoofy types. But Nellie is a Great Dane dressed as a Bichon and, believe me, she takes her job seriously. Aside from being the jester, she is also charged with announcing the arrival of every visitor, friend or otherwise. She especially relishes her daily mandate of Mail Carrier Notification. Hard to believe that she has time in her day to model for some of my paintings.

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