Tuesday, April 10, 2007

"Swimmin' With The Fishies"

8"x 8" oil on canvas panel, SOLD

Another of those pesky mermaids...just wish they'd show their tails. You'll have to trust me--once again.


Polly Jones said...

Great paintings, I love the whimsical quality! I'm trying to place where I've seen your work before, have you been in a publication. I'm thinging I've seen it in Home Companion magazine...?sm

Brenda York said...

Hi Polly,

Thanks for your email! It's so great to get feedback from other
artists! I have done illustration before for children's textbooks but
that was about six years ago. I haven't been published since. In fact, I really haven't painted much until last year--too busy with kids, etc.

Thanks for your interest!

Brenda York