Monday, October 29, 2007

Punkin' Head

5x5" oil on canvas, SOLD

So for most kids Halloween is is probably among the top five days of the year, falling somewhere just behind Christmas, birthdays and the first day of summer vacation. You get to do all those things your parents insist are the kiss of death on a regular, run-of-the-mill day. Like taking candy from strangers. And eating three and a half pounds of candy before dropping into bed way too exhausted, of course, to brush your teeth. All OK on October 31st--actually, more than OK. The parents actually facilitate the sugar intake by marching their little goblins right up to the strangers' doors and encouraging the candy consumption. "Whadayasay?", the parents chirp. On any other day, if their five year old was at the dark door of an unknown middle-aged woman wearing a black hat with spiders on it and sporting a green warted nose enticing their child with god-knows-what's in it candy, the parents would hope that said five year old would remember the drill, so carefully and thoughtfully practiced. A swift kick in the shins, a scream for help and run like the devil! Happy Halloween!

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