Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Whispering Smith

5x5" oil on canvas, SOLD

Growing up in the midwest, my family did not have air-conditioning. Instead we had a fan in each room. Those fans were pretty darn important on a summer night when the temperatures were in the nineties and the humidity about the same. For some odd reason, my family had names for these fans based on the sounds they made; purring, rattling, whining, etc. You get the picture. Anyway, my fan was named Whispering Smith, hence the name of this painting. I know the painting has nothing to do with a fan but there is some whispering going on here. And Smith seems like a respectable name for a bird.



I love your paintings. Thanks for you art is-- magic--


mucha de la torre


Tanya Bond said...

Love your works, so colourful yet ballanced, each of them has a story to it...

Brenda York said...

Thanks to both of you. It's really great to get the feedback! Keep watching!