Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Guys In Ties #5, Armando's Secret Code

20x16" oil on canvas, SOLD

This painting was inspired by a guy I met when I first moved to San Diego in the 70's. I lived in a beach community where everyone worked at weird jobs just to make enough money for the weekend. (It was the 70's, OK?). I was a baby photographer, Eddie was the ice-cream man and several of the guys had grunt jobs at the shipyards. But Armand left for work each day looking like he was a high-roller on Wall Street or presiding over the middle east peace talks. He had an incredible wardrobe but what I remember most was his collection of ties. He never wore the same one twice in a month. To see him walking down the streets of Ocean Beach it was evident that he was not your everyday beach hippie. But I doubt that anyone would guess that Armando was on his way to Montgomery Wards to sell TVs.


Anonymous said...

Mike Bailey suggested I check out your blog. I'm so glad I did! Love your look. Your writing is most amusing. Guys in Ties is a clever series. I'll definitely be checking back.

Brenda York said...

Thanks, Silvina! I'm glad Mike sent you my way! Come back anytime!

Helen Read said...

Love your Guys in Ties! I've just tagged you on my blog... only participate if you want to. I have added a link from my site to yours, unless you'd prefer I didn't.
Keep up your inspiring work!!

Alvin Richard said...

Absolute genius! Beautiful colors, composition, artistry....when you've got it, you've got it.....and you certainly do!

Brenda York said...

I really appreciate the feedback. Thanks for checking in!