Monday, March 17, 2008

Wings And Roots

12x16" oil on canvas, SOLD

This is the second painting I did of Max. Turning 16. Spread your wings but remember your roots. Several people have asked me lately if I do commissions and I have written this before but here I go again: The answer is yes, well.... kinda sorta. As long as you don't really expect that it will look like you or your family. What I mean is that the good folks that have hired me to do paintings of their family fully expect my wacky version of their family. And they're OK with that. Really. This painting is a perfect example. Max's dad told me a few interesting details about his boy and sent me lots of photos and even some videos. I then worked on re-arranging the facial structure while maintaining the essence and personality of Max. And I always find a way to interject some humor and whimsy! So yes, I do commissions but, no, it won't look a thing like you! Whew! That's a relief, huh?

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