Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Royal Poo-Bah

8x6" oil on canvas, PURCHASE INFORMATION

I think this is the British cousin of Bernie (from my Bernie series). He looks like a stuffy member of the Royal Family---Charles, maybe? My apologies to the Brits in my family…(you know who you are).

Speaking of our friends across the pond…I was recently invited by a very nice man, Antony, in the UK to submit photos of my studio to his website: www.artistarea.co.uk. It’s a site “to show where real artists and designers work”. Hmmm. I wonder what makes an artist real? Anyone want to guess? Anyway, it’s a cool idea and you can get a look other studios to see that yours isn’t really all that messy, afterall.


Cheryl McCarley said...

I checked out all the "real" artists studios and think yours is the best! I remember when you posted all the photos of your studio, I especially like how you can put all your art on the moulding around the room! Charming!!

Brenda York said...

Thanks, Cheryl. I am so lucky to have a great studio. Glad you like it!