Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Guys In Ties #7, Double Dip

20x16" oil on canvas, email me for information:

As promised, another of my larger paintings and yet another from my "Guys In Ties" series. This was done during a very early morning TV news show I did a few months back along with some other fabulous painters. This was originally meant to be a painting of the guy (never in a tie) that interviewed us. He's a bit of a celebrity here in San Diego. But the painting looked more like an Elvis impersonator (sorry Ruben!) and the microphone....well, it just needed to be an ice cream cone. Double dip!


Anonymous said...

I've only recently discovered your website and absolutely love your use of color. Your work is unique and so creative. There have been paintings I'm very drawn to not only by color but the subject. Unfortunately so far I've been out bid on my favorites, but I'm hopeful I'll be a proud owner one of these days. The photography of your paintings is fabulous for showing off your color. I'm recently retired and have taken up painting again. I'm struggling with photographing paintings for shows. You may have addressed this in an earlier post but do you have any hints or links to past postings on the subject?

Also do you do workshops?

Helen Read said...

Brenda, this painting is a great example of what I love about your work! The colors are just lyrical! The subject matter is fun - and funny! All of it is just so inviting! I love visiting your site!

Brenda York said...

Thank you both! I really appreciate your comments and questions. Leah, I do have a hint about photographing artwork---marry a photographer. Seriously, I am married to a professional photographer and he shoots my larger pieces. And he set up a little fool proof photo studio so that I can shoot my small paintings. There is plenty of info online about photographing your artwork and several good articles that I have seen in Art Calendar magazine. Hope this helps a bit!