Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Crybaby Mama

14x11" oil on canvas, purchase information on my website

OK, day two of school. Both kids started their junior year (Zac-college and Cam-high school). Jeez! So here I am…just what I wanted and pleaded for all summer—QUIET! But it’s too damn quiet. No interruptions, no lunches to make, no constant grocery store runs and no kids around. I miss’em. So this is a painting of me, and my empty nest. Shhh….


Helen Read said...

Oh... the empty nest. A bit unsettling, isn't it?? My youngest started college this year! yipes!
Well, as always your latest work is wonderful! I love visiting your blog!

Brenda York said...

Oh, geez, Helen! Your youngest?! I can't imagine...it goes by so fast although when you're in the middle of it--it just drags on sometimes. Bittersweet! I guess we are lucky that we can put our energy into our art instead of trying to figure out the next step! As always, I'm glad you stop by...