Monday, October 20, 2008

City Folk

12x16" oil on canvas, SOLD

I painted this piece during the week I took off from my computer. It was an experiment in color and texture. And even subject matter. Although it’s obviously still my wacky people, I was having a go at painting cityscapes. In fact, my friend Alison called these guys “Building Boys”. Blame it on Paul Balmer, a fabulous artist whose work I find awe-inspiring. Although I’m not much of a cityscape painter, (I struggle with drawing perspective), I am excited by the shapes and colors in this piece. In fact, I have already started my annual painting of the Three Wise Men, aka: The Three Wise Guys influenced by the lessons learned from making this painting. See how that works?


michelle said...

Your paintings are wonderful, the subjects are quirky and endearing. Fabulous color!!!

Brenda York said...

Thank you, Michelle! Stop by anytime!

Anonymous said...

Silly me. I always thought your paintings were awash with perspective.
Whatever they're awash with, they're still wonderful.
Happy Birthday!


Brenda York said...

Thanks, RJ! Perspective is not my "thang"...always good to make your paintings awash with something magical! Thanks for stopping by.