Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Guys In Ties #6, Simple Man

20x16" oil on canvas, $750 email me to purchase

Funny how these things happen...I was looking for an old painting that's still hanging around my studio to post tonight and I chose this one. I love this painting but there he sits. Collecting dust. When I looked for the date to see when I posted him the first time it was also January 15. A year ago. This Simple Man needs a change of scenery...any takers?


Helen Read said...

He Should have a taker! I really like him - along with all your other great guys! :)
Hope you are off to a great start in '09.

Brenda York said...

Thanks, Helen. Well, he's been hanging around for quite a while. There's always a lot of interest when I show this painting. Now he needs someone to commit to living with him! Thanks for stopping by...