Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Just Between You And Me

24x36" oil on canvas, purchase info on my website

This is one of the large pieces I did over the holidays. It was almost finished when I displayed it in my Open Studio in early December. I had a lot of fun asking my guests to help me name it. A few of you proposed some pretty batty ideas (now I know who to call when I’m stuck!). Anyway, Dana and Kurt came up with some very clever names and I think this title is very close to Kurt’s suggestion…much appreciated! By the way, this piece, along with about 10 other paintings, will be exhibited From Jan 15-Feb 22 at the Cygnet Theatre here in San Diego during the run of “Love Song”. Hope you can stop by to take a look and see the show, too!


Helen Read said...

Great piece. Happy new year - btw!
Looking forward to seeing what you create in 09!

Brenda York said...

Thanks, Helen. Looking forward to your new creations as well! Happy New Year to you!