Monday, January 5, 2009

Woody And Beck, The Famous Hounds Of Montucky

11x14" oil on canvas, SOLD

I am back! After a much needed break spent with family doin’ the holidays, I am back in the swing of things. Actually, I have been painting; just haven't been posting. So I have a few new pieces that are a bit of a departure in content but still my style. This is one of them. A gift from one sister-in-law to the other sister-in-law for her birthday. Meet Woody and Beck, my “nephew-pups”. If you’d like to see more of my commissioned paintings I have several on my website. Happy New Year to all my subscribers, followers and fellow painters!


Deb Kirkeeide said...

Good to see you back Brenda!
I love this one.

Brenda York said...

Thank you, Deb. It's good to be back. Happy New Year to you!

m collier said...

These are wonderful !!!!

Brenda York said...

Thank you, Michael! I'm a huge fan of your art--glad you stopped by!