Monday, June 8, 2009

Short Stuff

10x8" oil on canvas, SOLD

Feeling just a tad squatty lately; It has happened the past few summers when both of my kids are out of school and hanging around at home more. They tower above me. When did that happen? Geez! Then throw my two step-kids in the mix and I really look like mini-mom. They are all 6 feet or over except my baby, Cammy, and she's 5'11" and still growing. They just love to come up behind me when I'm straining on the step-stool to reach the jar of honey on the top shelf of the kitchen cabinet. They like to let me struggle for a few moments and then, with the greatest of ease, they will effortlessly pluck the honey jar from the shelf. Hmmm...guess I could move that honey jar down to the bottom shelf. Well, I might be short but I'm no slouch.

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Kellie Marian Hill said...

wow, I have to say that I love looking at your beautiful paintings, absolutely, but I had to comment on this one- thanks for making me laugh! Im not that tall, but my Mama is tiny- like she can leave all the doors open on the upper cabinets because shes too short to hit her head on them, but as for the rest of us *thunk*.... :D