Thursday, May 13, 2010

Close Encounter With La Peep

8x6" oil on canvas, SOLD  

Weekly recap: this has been a good one. Pretty great, actually. Sold five paintings, commissioned for two more and ironing out the details for a solo show in December at Distinction Gallery. Life is good. Can I stop holding my breath now?

Thank you to my collectors; you guys are the best. I still can't believe that there are folks out there that "get" my art. And willingly hand over their money for my wacky little people. I hope they sprinkle a little joy and whimsy in your life.

Next week, I promise to post my FAQ page. Promise. Pinky swear. Leave me your questions in a comment and look for answers starting next week.


Jonna said...

Would love to see a wip, how you get started etc. Could that be included in you FAQ?

Heather Hingst Bennett said...

This is a technique question...When you created your "Depression Angles," what did you use to glue the newspaper to the background?

Brenda York said...

Jonna-Love the idea of showing a WIP! In fact, because of your suggestion I started photographing the start of a new painting today. I will start posting the photos soon (probably next week). Thanks for the great idea!

Heather--I used Liquitex Matt Medium. Since it is acrylic I was able to paint over it in oil.