Monday, August 23, 2010

Moonbeam And The Mother-ship

A thousand little windows blew open.

12x30" oil on canvas

Day one of youngest child away at college. She called to ask if it was weird not having her here. Let's see... she and I have lived together for six thousand, eight hundred and three days (give or take a few here and there). Yes! It's weird!...and extremely quiet. Hmm. It's only the first day.

For more information about this series of paintings please read my artist statement about "Long Story Short".


Helen Read said...

yes, weird! I had that experience just about a year ago.... very quiet.
But, you do get used to it.... after awhile. And its always a JOY when any of them return home!
In the meantime, this is such a fun painting!

Brenda York said...

Thanks, Helen. I'm always painting about those darn kids, aren't I?