Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Bone Of Contention

12x30" oil on canvas 

The brilliant lunacy of two misfits.

This is my favorite painting from the "Long Story Short" exhibit. Not sure why but I have a suspicion that it has something to do with that pink sky. That and the two bullheaded characters.
Speaking of "Long Story Short" here's something cool: Smith magazine's website wrote a little blurb about my exhibit! They are the originators of the Six-Word Memoir and edited the book of the same name. Apparently they keep an eye out for projects inspired by the Six-Word Memoir. If you haven't tried to write one yet you should give it a shot--it's pretty addicting. Leave your memoir in the comments and who knows, it may end up as a painting one day! The line in red above is the six-word memoir (actually just a chapter from my memoir) that goes along with the painting. Enjoy!

$875 + 22 shipping


Elizabeth Seaver said...

OK, here goes--directly from my life with my sons, one grown, one half-grown: Bumble bees in a glass jar.

My prayer is, if the lid stays off the jar, they will find their ways out. Bless 'em!

I am ever a fan of your work, Brenda!

Bronle said...

The "contention" is of the Silent Treatment variety in this wary couple! Sometimes when there is too much to cope with, trivia takes over... small bones causing big spats.

How about this one:

Lid Firmly Shut on Pandora's Box

I can see you doing something fanciful and intriguing with that--as always. Your fan, Bronle

Brenda York said...

Thank you both! It is definitely a mutual admiration society! Fans of both of you!