Tuesday, April 26, 2011


12x12" oil on canvas and collage, SOLD

The countdown to this weekend's ArtWalk has begun and it's scary how calm I am. Hmmm...worried about not being worried. Go figure. 

I will be showing 26 new paintings-mostly small format, affordable pieces. Like this one. A bit of a departure, this painting incorporates collage elements of beautiful hand-printed papers. It's one of my favorite of the new paintings and my favorites never hang around long enough. So I'm giving my blog readers first crack.

Drop by my booth, #782 on Fir Street at ArtWalk this weekend, 11 to 6pm. My friend and source of inspiration and many laughs, Maite Benito Agahnia will be next door in #783. You've got to come check out her encaustic paintings--they are amazing! Plus she is one of 12 featured artists this year at ArtWalk. I'm definitely hanging out with the rock star.


Maite said...

YOU are the rock star my friend! Looking forward to this weekend. and I predict that Mr. Rainmaker will be leaving you quite fast. It is fantastic!


Roxanne Steed said...

he is just crazy beautiful! i really love the collagey-batiky look of the background!! (is that a word???hope it makes sense!)

Bronle Crosby said...

Brenda, I would have given you a stack of the Japanese papers a friend gave me if I had known the wondrous things you would do with them! Darn it all! I like this a lot. I hope you have fun this weekend, and may Sr. Rainmaker find an appreciative home. He's a beauty.

Maite said...

I have some of those wonderful Japaneese papers that you gave me and I'll love to share with Brenda. The sisterhood of the Japaneese papers, I say. (there's the next title Brenda, btw)

Brenda York said...

Thanks everyone! I'm definitely feelin' the love on this one!