Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Bernie Is A Free Range Bird

10x8" oil and mixed media on canvas, SOLD

Today seemed like a good day to bring Bernie out of the vault. One of my favorites and an example of the interesting effects you can get with collage and paint. In this painting I first collaged some beautiful old maps and other images onto the canvas. Once they were sealed I painted the figure in oil and slathered on the background with a palette knife (it's a combination of oil paint and cold wax medium--magical stuff). Here's a close-up of the background:


Elizabeth Seaver said...

Great to hear that process. It's a little bit like what I do, but I use acrylic. I am glad you only use free range birds!!

Bernie is so fun, as always.

Cindy D said...

So neat! The eyes are so cool and whimsical. And weird. I really like your style. I wonder why all the artist blogs I stumble upon, that I really like, are dog people (or so it seems to suggest in your banner!). Dog people are the best.

I don't know if I like red as much as you do.. but I did recently do a red giraffe. It was very satisfying. I see more red in my future (in a good way). :)

Jody Regan said...

Very dynamic painting. Thank you for describing the process. I love the color harmony. What do you use to seal the collage?

Brenda York said...

Thanks everyone for your kind and inspiring words. Always appreciated!

Jody--I use matte medium by Liquitex to seal the collage before painting over it. Hope that helps.