Thursday, October 27, 2011

A Spider Beside Her

8x6" oil on canvas, SOLD

Funny thing: I've done several paintings of Little Miss Muffet. Makes me look like one of those people that keep pet tarantulas in little pink cages in their bedrooms. But really? I'm pretty much a weenie about spiders--so maybe I'm just working out my issues with the Arachnid Nation. Here's some of my previous spider offerings just in time for Halloween.

Little Miss M. Makes Peace With The Arachnid Nation

36x24" oil on canvas, SOLD

I really had to face my fears in painting this one--I don't have much integrity when it comes to spiders. In fact, I act all girly. Not a pretty sight. But my daughter has convinced me that we should not smash them in an act of pure power over nature. No, we should lovingly catch and re-direct them to the out-of-doors because they were here first. So she and I are spiders re-directors which requires a lot of squealing and flapping of the hands. It's a tough job. So even though this is a painting of Little Miss Muffet, it's also a little bit me. Our secret.

L. M. Muffett

8x8" oil on canvas, SOLD  

Seriously...anyone who accuses me of making "cute" paintings surely hasn't seen this one. Little Miss Muffett is one of my favorite subjects. Creepy little lady. Creepy little spider. Cute? I think not!

Along Came A Spider

16x12" oil on canvas, SOLD

I find great joy in painting the people that collect my paintings. They already have an appreciation for my art and, other than a few little directives, they usually give me free reign. The best of all worlds. Take this guy, for instance. He and his wife own several of my pieces. In fact, so devoted are they, an entire room was repainted in their home to work with my paintings. He and his wife had seen my painting of Little Miss Muffett and loved it because he is a spider aficionado. So his lovely wife commissioned this portrait of Mr. Muffett for his birthday yesterday. Which is also her birthday. And their wedding anniversary! I hope the day was spectacular Donel and Robin and thanks for including my art in your celebration! I am honored.


Deb Kirkeeide said...

When I first saw "Little Miss", I was so enchanted with the painting I wanted to show her to a friend of mine. Even with her great sense of humor, she would not even consider looking at anything having to do with spiders - even whimsical nursery rhyme spiders.

so... you are not alone in your arachnid relationship!

YvonnePayne said...

Little Miss Muffett is one of the poems of my youth that I have never forgotten. Maybe because of its simplicity. Your work is something I will always recognize and enjoy and no, not because I think it's simple but because it's memorable.

Brenda York said...

Deb--some people are so quirky about spiders. I understand your friend. Thought I might be a little braver after painting a spider or two but they still give me the shivers!

And thank you Yvonne! Being memorable is on the top of any artist's wish list. Glad you stopped by!