Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Guardian Angel Of The Scatterbrained

10x8" oil on canvas, SOLD, prints available

Ahhh, here's the one that got away. My all-time-favorite angel sold as soon as it was posted last year.  What was I thinking? I wish I had held on to her--heaven knows I could put this angel to work full time these days.

I just ordered myself a print from Imagekind of this painting and a couple of other favorites that sold. The Guardian Angel Of The Scatterbrained and 20 other favorite paintings are available as affordable prints in my Imagekind Gallery. Big prints and little prints, prints on canvas and framed prints--all at very reasonable (ie: gift-giving) prices. The turnaround is quick and the quality is impressive. Know anyone that could use a Guardian Angel?


London Accountant said...

I can see why it's "the one that got away"! I love the shapes and the slight uncertainty about where the figure is facing. What was your inspiration for this?

Cheoy Lee said...

Gosh, it's so difficult, isn't it, to paint for a living when you love each and every creation but are nevertheless forced to sell them on in order to keep painting more things that you love - and so the cycle continues!

Brenda York said...

Thank you both!

London: my inspiration came from how scatterbrained I was feeling at the time; holidays, birthdays, blah, blah..generally overwhelmed and in need of a Guardian Angel!

Cheoy-I have only had a few paintings that I didn't want to part with. Mostly, I am so happy that they find new homes and bring a bit of joy to my collectors.