Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Woody And Beck, The Famous Hounds Of Montucky

11x14" oil on canvas, prints available

Many times I have announced on this blog the places, near and far, where my collectors live and therefore where my paintings end up. It's always exciting to me to imagine my "painted children" on walls in faraway homes and offices and garages (yes, really!). Hanging on their own...without me. I hope they spread joy and whimsy to all who encounter them. 

So here's something I never thought I would be announcing about one of my paintings: "Woody And Beck, The Famous Hounds Of Montucky" has landed in Kyrgyzstan! True story. These two mischievous looking fellows are my "nephew-pups" and this painting has just traveled with my sister-in-law to her new teaching post. In Kyrgyzstan. Who would'a thought?

Keep the wind at your back and the sun on your face, Elizabeth.


Anonymous said...

I first saw this image a couple of years ago and i absolutely loved it; how you can paint an eye beside the body and still have it read true i do not know, but you do, and it's great. i love your paintings. You are a true original. Fantastic.

Brenda York said...

You are so kind! Thank you very much and hope you will visit my blog again!--Brenda

Bravo 95 said...

Expressive, characterful and adorable dogs. I love your style, Brenda!