Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Underwater And Over The Rainbow

12x12" | mixed media on canvas 

This is a bit of a new direction for me--working with layers of collage and highly textured acrylic paint. I've been an oil paint kinda gal for a long time so I think we can blame this on the YFH*. At some point you just can't conjure up the patience to wait for the oil paint to dry and you start flirting with the acrylics...again. So yeah, I've had a little fling with the acrylics and I'm not apologizing for it. Sometimes you've just got to shake it up a bit....

There are still a few paintings left in my YFH* Sale. Hope you'll take a look soon--all good things come to an end! 

*Year From Hell


Kodulehe Valmistamine said...

Amazing paintings, you're really talented

Brenda York said...

Thank you so much!