Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Birds Of A Feather

 8x8" | acrylic, collage and graphite on canvas | SOLD

On most days, Miguel and Gaspar coordinate their outfits in hopes of landing on Vanity Fair’s Best-Dressed List. On the other days they just make sure their pjs are clean and pressed. And that Miguel’s are not on backwards. Again.

Big Little Paintings | Short Little Stories. My new series. All offered by auction.

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Mary said...

Hi Brenda,

Just had to leave a comment. Last year I had an experience with cancer. While I was recovering from surgery, worrying about how I was going to pay the bills, or if I would have a recurrence, blah, blah... I would come here to your blog and by the time I left I was wiping tears off my face from laughing so hard. They say that laughter is the best medicine; your art did that for me. I love your new work; the funny little stories, and where do you come up with those names!? Thank you for the laughs and the inspiration. Blessings, Mary

Painter said...

I love the way his face blends into the background - you can't tell who's who and what's what!

Brenda York said...

Thank you both! And Mary, you can't imagine how meaningful your story is to me. I actually started painting after my son had cancer. I do think it kept me sane (well, sort of sane...). Life is too short NOT to laugh! Hope you are strong and healthy now!

Mary said...

Brenda I personally feel that sanity is highly overrated! Yes, I'm healthy and back to work- I'm a pet groomer. Now that's a career that'll keep you laughing. Oh, the stories I could tell!! Just popped over to see what's new- love the botanical path you're on. Keep 'em coming!