Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Guardian Angel Of Wavering Sanity

10x8" oil on canvas, SOLD

Have I mentioned that I went to Catholic School? Most of my pre-college days were spent under the tutelage of the glorious Sisters of Charity. I have very fond memories of the etchings in my bible history textbook from those days. Scary, actually. Ask me someday about the poor folks that didn't make it to heaven. Enough to scare the hell out of a little kid. Anyway, rather than use my brain cells to memorize the history of the bible, I spent a lot of time thinking about the pictures (a visual learner). I was always stumped by the angel's halos. How did they stay on? With bobby pins? Velcro? What? I prayed for the answer. Years later, I had a fabulous professor of Art History that described this particular style of angelic headwear as "Pie-Pan Halos". I love that. Still not sure how they stay on but at least they have a really great name.


DToms said...

LOVE your style and sense of humor.=)

Jelaine Faunce said...

I know. Isn't she a RIOT??!!?? I love Brenda's work. Mucho talent coupled with mucho humor. A+