Monday, November 2, 2009

Out Of The Vault: Trixie Shines Her Little Light

8x6" oil on canvas, SOLD

OK, now that Halloween is just a memory, it's time to think about Christmas, right? Well, even though Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday I am starting to plan my holiday angel paintings. This year I think I'll do a few Angels of Recession pieces (they will be very small and a little tarnished).

And I'm already working on the 2009 limited edition angel ornament. I've even had some pre-sale orders. Last year's ornament was very popular and it's a tradition I want to keep up but this year's edition will be a bit more "limited". The elves are just too busy helping me get ready for my next solo show in January. And, let's be honest, stressed out elves are just so unpleasant to deal with during the holidays. So to get us all in the mood, say hello to Trixie, one of my favorite angels from last year.


Susan Webb Tregay NWS said...

I love your painting! You just became a "friend" of mine on facebook. Thanks. We have lots in common art wise. Sue Tregay

Helen Read said...

This is such fun! :) I always love to visit your site and see what you've got going on! :)

Brenda York said...

Thank you both! Can't believe it's already angel-paintin" season!