Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Operating Instructions: Slot B

24x18 oil on canvas, email me for more information  

Part two of the Operating Instructions diptych. See yesterday's post to get a glimpse of her partner, Tab A. Both are from the Moonstruck Chronicles series soon to be hanging at India Street Gallery in Little Italy. The show, Temptation6, will be on exhibit from February 9-16 with our opening reception scheduled for Friday night, the 12th.

As promised I am introducing the other five artists that are included in the exhibit. Below you will find one of Alison Haley Paul's gorgeous landscapes. I have painted alongside Alison for several years now in a class we've taken from Reed Cardwell. It's amazing to watch her process. Her canvases are huge and she covers the entire surface with oil paint slathered on with teeny little palette knives. Her colors are rich and buttery and each painting is highly textured. All of her pieces are captivating and serene. I hope you'll drop by the gallery to see Alison's work in person but if you can't, do take a peek at her website.


Maite said...

"rich and buttery" is so right on. you described it perfectly.

loving your diptych, by the way.

Bronle said...

As usual, I want to be there (wherever Alison is looking).

As a sometime Slot B cog in this machinery, I will say that she looks content about it! Love your titles.