Wednesday, February 3, 2010


18x24" oil on canvas, email me for more information

Another new piece from the Moonstruck Chronicles series with a little nod to Joni. We've all known one of these guys, right? One of the great things about getting older is that you can smell them a mile away. When you're 22 you're nose is just not that astute. Takes a little practice and a lot of scars.

 Temptation6 Opening Reception February 12, India Street Gallery

Tonight I'm very excited to introduce another of the artists in the Temptation6 exhibit, Maite Benito Agahania. Her new series, "Secrets", painted just for the show is full of visual surprises. Maite has collected "love secrets" from people that were brave enough to send them to her anonymously. She has created layers upon layers of brilliant colors and patterns in her abstract paintings that both obscure and reveal the secrets. You really can't get enough in just one glance. Her Secrets series requires the viewer to linger and discover the mysteries of love hidden in the layers of lucious color. Pretty much like true love, huh? Maite is enormously talented and one of the funniest people I've ever met. If you come to our opening on February 12 be sure to slip Maite a little scrap of paper with your love secret. Who knows? It might very well end up as her next masterpiece.


Maite Agahnia said... are too wonderful, and many secrets! after this series I should write a book!

It really was so incredible how people were willing to open up and tell me the things they did. It was an incredible push and inspiration to create.

Thanks for the wonderful introduction, you are one amazing lady!

maite Agahnia said...

got so wrapped up in myself and my head swelled up from all your compliments that I forgot to comment on Mr. ladies man....
yes, I know WAY too many. I love this piece and the colors are fantabulous!