Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Rusted Love

18x24" oil on canvas, email me for more information 
Yesterday was hanging day for the Temptation6 exhibit at India Street Gallery: six women, one husband, more than seventy paintings, and one very helpful and patient gallery owner. Thank you Tom Noel! This painting along with several other new pieces from my latest series will be on exhibit at India Street Gallery through February 16. And on Friday evening, Feb 12 from 6-9 we are hosting an opening reception. Art,wine, chocolate and the music of the Temptations. Not a bad way to kick off your Valentines Day weekend.

Let me introduce Bronle Crosby, one of the six artists in the Temptation6 show. The first time I saw her paintings I was so impressed with her drawing skills. A funny thing to say about a painting but you can always tell if the underpinnings aren't quite right. And, let me tell you, this woman can draw! Her beautiful koi series in the Temptation6 show is testament to her talent and training. And did I mention that she can paint water? Any artists can tell you that representing water with pigment is a challenge, but Bronle makes it look easy in her paintings. The most realistic of the art6 painters, Bronle's work is lucious and, as she says, "damned heady stuff".

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