Wednesday, August 8, 2007

"Green Light"

8x6" oil on canvas, (in my private collection)

Some paintings just come together. I don't know what it is...but I love that thing that happens when everything just flows. The colors are right, you've captured the mood, the look, the composition works and you can hang it on the wall and not have that nagging feeling that surely you can make it better. So, on average, I paint around twenty of these small paintings in a month. They're taking over my studio. And right now there are exactly two paintings that I can absolutely say there is nothing else I can do to improve upon what I have already painted. Nothing. And this is one of them. I just really love this piece!


Angela Hardy said...

GOD These are great!! some days they feel like self portraits... other days they just put me a great mood!!
Love the color , texture, markmaking...etc etc.. you get my point!!

Madison Moore said...

Very Picasso. Nice.

Brenda York said...

Nice to get some feedback on these! They are a relatively new direction for me after many years of realism-ish paintings. Thanks for your kind words!