Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Earth Mama

6x8" oil on canvas, SOLD  

This is one of those paintings that just refused to be named. I struggled far too long to come up with the right name. Shouldn't be that hard...I mean, I keep a notebook of quirky words, funny phrases and overheard snippets of conversations. All at my fingertips when it comes time to "Name-That-Painting". And yet, some refuse a title without a bit of an arm-wrestle. So in the midst of my teeth-gnashing and head-banging, in walks the teenage daughter and in a complete and utter incognizant moment she mutters, "Oh. Earth mama." And so it goes....


Elizabeth Seaver said...

So great to have help on naming in a crunch! It can be the hardest part (or the easiest!)

Your work makes me smile, laugh out loud and stop and think. Thank you for sharing it.

Brenda York said...

Well, thank you for stopping by Elizabeth! Always happy when I make someone think and laugh out loud---at the same time!