Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Dog Three: The Keeper

8x30" oil on canvas         

Third time's a charm. Sit. Stay.       

Actually this painting is misleading. Should have been Dog Three and Four. Ended up with two rescue pups that melt my heart several times a day. Say hello to Petey and Nellie as they just barely tolerate posing for a photo for my son's birthday. Seriously, humans!

Yet another from my "Long Story Short" show. We're almost at the end of this series and then it's Twisted Fairy Tales through December. Yay!


Nancy Goldman said...

Your pups are adorable. Rescue dogs are the best.

I love your painting. I just found your blog and I'm going to scroll down and see all of the eye candy.

helen said...

Like the painting and the photo - not sure which is cuter!

Brenda York said...

Thank you both! These are the best pups ever! Rescue dogs are always so grateful...I should do more paintings of them!