Monday, November 1, 2010

Slow Boat To China

18x24" oil on canvas, SOLD  

File this under "What the #@*# was I thinking?" Two solo shows and three commissions in six months. Definitely not my most rational of decisions...and yet I have produced some work that I am really proud of. Like this painting. Commissioned by Andy, my British brother-in-law for his wife, Catherine.  Together with their magical daughters, Elizabeth and Kiera, they are citizens of the world. And for now they live in Beijing (hence the title) but next month....who knows? This is the second painting I have done for them in celebration of their globe-trotting lifestyle. Love you guys!

Wait! You didn't know that I do commissions? Where ya been? Shoot me an email if you'd like more information...


Steven Luna said...

Love the slow boat...what a great reimagining of the family portrait.

Brenda York said...

Especially for this family...they are never in one place for very long! Thanks for stopping by, Steven!