Thursday, May 3, 2012

Lovely Rita Scatters Her Magic

12x12" | oil on canvas with gold foil | available

ArtWalk was last weekend and I have spent this entire week recovering! Sheesh, it takes a lot of energy! But it's always worth the sore feet and sunburned nose to catch up with my favorite San Diego collectors who always come out to see my new work (love you guys!) and to hear first-hand the impressions of my newest paintings. The comments, critiques and questions are just priceless; I offer you a few of my favorites from this year's ArtWalk:
  1. "What's it like inside your head?" Really? Scary stuff.
  2. "Do you paint from live models?" Absolutely! And I pride myself in capturing their likeness.
  3. "If I create my characters on the computer would you paint them? If I write a comic book would you illustrate it?" No and no. But thanks for thinking of me.
  4. "Didn't I see this painting in__________(insert name of museum in Paris, gallery in Witchita, Target (!), my brother-in-law's RV, etc.) Yep. That was most definitely me.
  5. "You like __________ don't you?" (insert Picasso, Grimm's Fairy Tales, red, birds, bright colors, small breasts, funny eyes... Let's not state the obvious here.
  6. And this one I get many times every year: "Do a lot of drugs in your younger days?" As always, no comment.
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Kitchen worktops dude said...

Wow, what a lot of comment types to deal with! Let this one just be an appreciation of the amazing work you do! Love Rita Scatters..., beautifully expressive as usual!